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Peng Li  Vice-secretary of the CPC Committee in SMD

Ms. Peng Li graduated from the School of Humanities, Yunnan University a dozen years ago and pursues her study once again in the same university as a PhD candidate in the program of Arts of Chinese Ethnic Minorities. As a member of China Society for Artistic Anthropology and vice-president of Chenggong District Federation of Literary and Art Circles in Kunming City, she mainly holds the position of vice-secretary of the CPC Committee in SMD. Her research fields include artistic anthropology, arts of ethnic minorities, art education, and ideological and political education as well.

In the past few years she hosted 2 research projects at the provincial or ministerial level, finished 1 special art project sponsored by China Social Sciences Foundation, and joined in 2 projects at the departmental level while participated in several others. She got several papers published and won 1 prize for her teaching achievement in YNNU. She is a winner of other awards such as advanced individual for “Assessment and Construction of Teaching Programs” in YNNU, second-prize winner of “Hongyun Teachers Award of YNNU”, excellent student adviser of YNNU, excellent organizer for the 8th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students, and silver-prize winner of the 10th Lotus Cup for Chinese Dances in 2015.

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