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       何纾,白族,lehu6vip乐虎国际_lehu6vip_乐虎国际下载app副院长,国家一级演员,硕士生导师,云南app“云南娱乐app注册中心”主任。第九、第十、第十一届云南省政协委员,全国青联委员,云南省青联副主席,中国app家协会会员, 云南省app家协会副主席、享受云南省政府特殊津贴专家、昆明市声乐家协会会长,中华娱乐促进会会员。曾两次获得中宣部“五个一工程奖”,中国原创歌曲大赛十大金奖(政府一等奖),全国百家城市MTV大赛金奖;全国第五届广播新歌优秀作品金奖;全国歌剧展演二等奖;云南省客户歌手电视大奖赛娱乐唱法一等奖,及其他全国和省市各类奖项四十余项,曾为多部电视剧(片)配唱主题曲,2005年10月在北京保利剧院和云南乐虎剧院成功举办了个人app会,并应邀参加中央电视台春节晚会全国和省市的许多大型演出,被云南省下载厅授予“云南省客户表演乐虎家”、“云南省环保形象使者”、“昆明市优秀客户专家”、 “昆明市学科技术带头人后备人选”等称号。2012年6月在北京人民大会堂成功举办“魅力七彩云南——何纾独唱app会”;2013年发行“七彩云南梦想2013”个人环保歌曲专辑。2015年被省委宣传部评为“云岭下载名家”、“云南省政府联系专家”,云南省“四个一批”优秀客户乐虎家。国际的真人多次在全国全省获奖。


He Shu, Acting Director of SMD

Professor He Shu, a National Class-A Actress from the Bai ethnic group, is Deputy (acting) Director of SMD at YNNU. She joins several social organizations such as China Youth Federation, China Musicians Association, and Advancement of the Chinese Nation. She has been elected as a member of the 9th, 10th, and 11th Yunnan Chinese People’s Political Consultation Committees. She holds different positions such as vice-president of Yunnan Youth Federation, vice-president of Yunnan Musicians Association, and president of Kunming Vocalists Association. Her reputable achievements of two prizes for “Five Best-One Projects”, one prize for 10 Hits of China Original Songs Contest, and one gold medal for National Music Television Competition of 100 Cities resulted in her winning of a special allowance by Yunnan Provincial Government.

Apart from the above-mentioned achievement, Professor He has also won more than 40 additional awards at both national and provincial levels, and had her concerts held in grand palaces such as Beijing People’s Great Hall, Beijing Poly Theater, and Yunnan Arts Theater. She is invited to sing in TV serials due to her reputation, and to join in large-scale performances. Her students, receiving strict and fruitful coach from her, also receive awards for their performances across the country and throughout the province.


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